Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

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Peter Parker’s life and reputation are threatened as Mysterio reveals the secret identity of Spider-Man to the world. In an attempt to remedy the situation, Peter enlists the help of Stephen Strange, but things soon become much more dangerous.

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Movie plot Spider-Man: No Way Home

J. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle reveals to the world the identity of Peter Parker as Spider-Man, while also introducing him as the man responsible for Mysterio’s death and the alleged mass casualty event in London. Numerous civilians nearby begin to surround him and Michelle Jones, forcing them to flee from the media and police. They hide out in Parker’s apartment and are reunited with May Parker and Happy Hogan, who report that they have broken up. Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Department of Damage Control takes them, along with Ned Leeds, into custody for questioning. Parker hires Matt Murdock to represent him, and he manages to get the criminal charges dropped. However, when Parker, Jones, and Leeds return to Midtown High School for their final year,

Parker visits the New York sanctuary and asks Dr. Strange to conceal Spider-Man’s identity again so his friends can enroll at MIT. Despite Wong’s warning not to do so, Strange tries to cast a spell using the runes of Kof-Cole. Parker, however, constantly alters the spell when he asks various people close to him to release its effects. As a result, the spell becomes unstable, forcing Strange to restrain it. For not consulting the college administration before meeting with him, Strange violently kicks Parker out of the Sanctuary. After contacting Flash Thompson, who has been admitted to MIT, Parker leads the administrator on his way to the Alexander Hamilton Bridge to try to appeal his statements, Jones’ and Leeds’ statements.

Parker is suddenly ambushed by Dr. Octopus, who seems to know him personally. Dr. Octopus grabs him and rips out part of Iron Spider’s Armor, transferring the nanites to his tentacles. He strikes again, but Spider-Man shows his face, unfamiliar to Dr. Octopus. Spider-Man then takes control of Dr. Octopus’ tentacles with the suit’s nanites and saves a Massachusetts Institute of Technology administrator from falling off a bridge, who out of gratitude decides to help let him and his friends in.

The Green Goblin arrives and tries to attack Spider-Man, but he and Doctor Octopus are transported to the Sanctuary, where Strange imprisons Doctor Octopus and the Lizard. He informs Parker that Dr. Octopus, the Lizard and the Green Goblin are not from this universe, but from parallel realities in the Multiverse, who have been drawn into this reality by a failed spell because they know the identity of Spider-Man. To contain this spell, Strange locks him in the Macchina di Kadavus, a mystical holding cell.

Parker is hired to help find and catch these “visitors” by getting a magical upgrade to his costume. With the help of Jones and Leeds, Spider-Man finds Electro outside of town. In a twist, he attacks Spider-Man and takes over, but Sandman intervenes to protect the hero. The two work together to cut the power lines, which completely restores Electro’s body. When he is sent to the Sanctuary, Sandman thinks that Spider-Man killed him, but is also captured before he can get his revenge. Elsewhere, Norman Osborn tries to escape his Green Goblin image by breaking his mask before escaping to the object of PRIORITY to seek refuge. Thanks to May, Spider-Man finds Osborn and also brings him to the Sanctuary. Osborn, Doctor Octopus and Electro soon realize that they are dead and have been resurrected by a spell.

Strange explains to Spider-Man that the three are doomed to die fighting their own Spider-Men. He intends to use McCune to reverse the spell and send them back to their destiny for the greater Multiverse. Convinced that they can be cured of their antagonistic natures and saved from death, Spider-Man steals the Macchina before Strange can use it and escapes. Strange rushes off in pursuit, takes Spider-Man’s magic and sends him to the Mirror Dimension to retrieve Macchina, and tries to beg him for multiverse stakes, relying on the visitors to be sent back. Unperturbed, Spider-Man entangles Strange in a webbing matrix and steals his sling ring before returning to the Earth plane. He gives the ring to Leeds and Macchin Jones before releasing the prisoners from their confinement.

After taking them to Hogan’s condominium, Spider-Man tries to cure the refugees from the Multiverse. He begins with Dr. Octopus, using the Stark Industries fabricator to develop an inhibitor chip to replace his tentacles and restore his higher brain functions. In addition, Electro has a built-in energy siphon designed to extract his powers. But before he can affect Osborn, the Green Goblin’s personality takes over his body, which convinces Electro to remove the siphon before he can completely strip him of his powers. He steals the arc reactor and, drawing its energy, throws Octavius out of the building. Lizard, Sandman and Electro escape, and the Green Goblin attacks Spider-Man, sending him to the first floor. Running outside, Mei injects the antidote to the Green Goblin, but it doesn’t work. After hitting Mei with her goblin glider, the Green Goblin throws two pumpkin bombs, which Spider-Man cannot block and explodes nearby. Spider-Man manages to find May among the wreckage. Unaware that she has been seriously injured, May tells her nephew not to give up on helping others no matter what, teaching him that with great power comes great responsibility. When they are surrounded by DODC officers, Spider-Man unsuccessfully tries to save May as she dies before his eyes. Hogan arrives on the scene and is immediately detained by the authorities. teach him that with great power comes great responsibility. When they are surrounded by DODC officers, Spider-Man unsuccessfully tries to save May as she dies before his eyes. Hogan arrives on the scene and is immediately detained by the authorities. teach him that with great power comes great responsibility. When they are surrounded by DODC officers, Spider-Man unsuccessfully tries to save May as she dies before his eyes. Hogan arrives on the scene and is immediately detained by the authorities.

Grief-stricken, Spider-Man flees, his guilt heightened by Jameson covering the attack with gaslighting. Concerned after Spider-Man’s silence, Jones prepares to activate McCune, but Leeds manages to accidentally open the portal with the Sling Ring. While trying to find Spider-Man, they see what appears to be their Spider-Man on the other side of the portal and call out to him. However, they soon realize that this Spider-Man is not theirs, but rather a man from another universe who previously fought Lizard and Electro. Leeds tries again, but summons another alternate Peter Parker, who has previously fought the Green Goblin, Octavius and the Sandman. The group finally manages to find their Spider-Man alone atop Midtown and try to console him about May, but he’s too distraught over his mistakes to even bother.

Emboldened, Spider-Man decides to do what he planned: cure the villains. Parker, Jones, and Leeds then retreat to a cool lab in Midtown to create a cure for the villains. Osborne’s Parker develops an antiserum for the Green Goblin, while Electro’s Parker recreates the Lizard’s antidote to bring him back to normal, while Spider-Man prepares cures for Sandman and Electro. Leeds then brings them to the Statue of Liberty through a portal while he and Jones remain in the lab.

Spider-Man calls The Daily Bugle to deliver a message, using Macchina as bait, announcing his presence to Lizard, Electro, and Sandman. They arrive and attack the three Spider-Men on the scaffolding. The Web Throwers are unable to coordinate their actions effectively, causing their enemies to easily defeat them. Grouped together, Spider-Man takes command of the trio because of his experience as part of the Avengers; the three take code names: Spider-Man as Peter-One, Spider-Man Osborn as Peter-Two and Spider-Man Electro as Peter-Three. They decide to engage and treat one enemy at a time, with Sandman first. While restraining the Lizard, Peter-Three takes the Sandman’s cure and gives the device to Peter-First, who then delivers the cure to Peter-Second, allowing him to neutralize Marco.

The three Spider-Men try to take the arc reactor away from Electro, but it proves too much for them because of its increased power from the power source. The lizard breaks free and attacks Jones and Leeds in the lab, forcing Peter-First to leave and fight him. With the help of Leeds and his bandage ring, Peter-One forces the Lizard to smash a bottle containing an antidote that returns him to his human form, Kurt Connors. Leeds accidentally summons Strange to the battlefield, who, upon seeing Connors, realizes that Peter the First’s pacifist plan is working. Strange snatches McCune and his sling ring from Leeds. Electro defeats Peter-Second and Peter-Three, until Octavius arrives to retrieve the arc reactor himself and deprive him of his power with a ready-made neutralizer.

Peter-One returns to Strange, preparing to use Macchina to send everyone home. Suddenly the Green Goblin ambushes the group and takes Macchina, but Octavius and Strange return her. Without their knowledge, the Green Goblin has hidden a pumpkin bomb inside the facility. It explodes and releases an unstable spell, tearing apart the fabric of the universe and opening it to the Multiverse. The explosion also causes Jones to fall from the Statue of Liberty. Peter-First dives in to save her, but the Green Goblin tosses him aside – Peter-Three saves her and begins to cry as it reminds him of the night Gwen Stacy died. At dawn, Peter-One confronts the Green Goblin alone. Ravaged by revenge, he viciously beats him and tries to finish him off with his glider, but is stopped by Peter-Two.

Peter-Three supplies Peter-First with an antiserum, which allows him to cure Osborn of the Green Goblin. He notices Peter-Second’s injury, which is not fatal, and realizes the extent of his damage. It’s a strange struggle to hold the rifts in a universe in which the intruders are already preparing to invade this reality. However, Peter the First forces him to cast a new spell to make everyone forget who he is in order to fix it. Peter-One then adopts his alternate self, which encourages him to continue being Spider-Man. Strange fixes the rifts with a new spell and successfully transports Peter-Two, Peter-Three, Dillon, Octavius, Osborn, Marco and Connors back to their original universes. Spider-Man embraces Leeds and Jones one last time, promising to return one day and help them remember him.

It’s been a few weeks, it’s vacation time. Parker tries to reconnect with his friends at MIT, but after being reminded of Jones’ wounds, he decides not to. He visits May’s grave to pay his respects, and is joined by Hogan, who is also now a stranger to him. Trying to get on with his new life, Parker moves into a new apartment alone and begins studying to earn his GED. Alerted to the criminal activity on his phone, he sews a simpler costume and serenely resumes his heroism as Spider-Man, observing May’s mantra of community service and responsibility.

Midway through the credits: the universe-displaced Eddie Brock and his symbiote companion Venom sit in a bar and talk to the bartender about other superhumans and the Blip. Figuring out how to “protect” this new world, the duo is quickly transported back to their universe by Strange’s spell, unknowingly leaving part of the symbiote on the counter.

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