Ratatouille (2007)

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The story is about Remy, a young artificially gifted rat who has an incredible sense of taste and a big dream of becoming a chef. Against circumstances and stereotypes that rats can’t do cooking, Remy finds himself on the roof of a famous restaurant in Paris. There he becomes close to Linguini, a young tiler, and together they begin to realize their dreams of gastronomic art. Remy the Rat has a unique flavor. He is willing to risk his own life to watch his favorite cooking show and get some seasoning or just a fresh product. Remy lives with his kin who don’t understand him and don’t accept his passion for cooking. When Remy accidentally enters the kitchen of a fancy restaurant, he decides to take a chance and test his skills.

Young Linguini finds himself in the same kitchen. All he can expect is a position as a janitor. But he gets his chance too. Ahead of them await not only culinary feats, but also incredible adventures full of laughter, friendship and competition.

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