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As the Guardians of the Galaxy settle on Oblivion, they are attacked by Adam Warlock, a superpowered being created by his “mother” and High Priestess of the Sovereigns, Aisha. Nebula manages to defeat Adam in battle, but Rocket is seriously injured and the Guardians are unable to heal him due to a built-in death chip created by Orgocorp. They go to the company’s main headquarters to find the abort code.

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It’s a time of change in the galaxy. The iconic Guardians of the Galaxy come together once again, ready to face the new challenges and dangers that will come their way. A team of indomitable heroes, each with their own unique set of skills and personality, unite to protect the universe from evil.
After previous events, the Guardians of the Galaxy realize that their fates are closely intertwined and that only together are they strong. Despite their personal differences and the different paths they have chosen, these extraordinary heroes are ready to prove that strength and power come from unity.
Their new adventure promises to be the most exciting and dangerous yet. They face a new enemy whose sinister plans threaten the world and the galaxy as a whole. To confront this evil, the Guardians of the Galaxy must find strength, trust each other, and make decisions that could change their fate and the fate of the entire world.
On their journey, they encounter new allies, forces that will help them confront evil and restore harmony to the galaxy. They travel to different worlds and planets, discovering new secrets and uncovering a past that is important to their future.
In the epic finale to their adventures, the Guardians of the Galaxy are forced to make the most difficult choices, face their fears and overcome personal obstacles. Their fates hang in the balance, but they are willing to go all the way to save what they hold dear.

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